Welcome to Technical Support!

Welcome to Technical Support!

You are Always Welcome and your feedback helps us to work more effective!

We offer a wide range of technical support for everyone:

  1. Standard support.
  2. Special Support (one time fix).
  3. Extended Support (multiple times fixes).

How to contact with us:

  1. Support by email.
  2. Support via online chat.
  3. Remote support using "TeamViewer" or "Remote Desktop".
  4. Telephone support.
  5. Support by Skype.

What is «Standard Support»?

If you found any issue in our component, please send us a sample file (HTML, RTF, PDF etc) and issue description at: support@sautinsoft.com. We'll certainly help you to solve it. Be aware it's 100% free!

What is «Special Support»?

If you don't have time to wait the new release and want get fixes or add new feature, improvement during five business days, email us know at support@sautinsoft.com to discuss details. The special support cost 250 USD, but the price may be changed depending of kind of work.

Support by email

If you have any question, found an issue or want to suggest a new feature don't restrict yourself and email us at: support@sautinsoft.com. You will get an answer during 24 hours. Be aware it's 100% free!

Support via online chat

Take a look at the right bottom corner of this page to see "Chat with us". Here we can help you online with any questions and also accept your testing files. Be aware it's 100% free!
We are available from 9:00 to 17:00 (UTC+2). Our time now is: 22:44.

Remote support using "TeamViewer" or "Remote Desktop"

We are ready to help you also using remote controls applications. We are using: TeamViewer and Remote Desktop. If you need a such kind of help, please email us at support@sautinsoft.com to discuss about connection time. Be aware it's 100% free!

Telephone support

With any questions you may call us:
 Sales & Support: + 46 812111486.

Email contacts:

General questions: info@sautinsoft.com

Sales: sales@sautinsoft.com

Support: support@sautinsoft.com

Skype contacts:


Your feedback helps us to improve our products and work more effective.

Be aware it's 100% free!


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